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Why shop from us

We provide only the highest quality and most effective supplements to our patients. Our supplements are pharmacy-grade, pure, fresh (not stale dated), physician-reviewed and have been stored at required temperatures to maintain effectiveness.

  • Unlike over-the-counter vitamins, New Vitality Medical’s pharmacy-grade supplements (nutraceuticals), are routinely tested for purity of content and have been shown to be clinically effective.
  • Our supplements are sourced and manufactured to avoid artificial colors, flavors, dyes, sweeteners, or contaminants
  • All products on our site have been Physician reviewed for efficacy.

Quality Matters

By purchasing your supplements from New Vitality Medical, you can be certain you are buying the highest-quality products available. Not all supplements and vitamins are created equal. Many manufacturers skimp on quality and sell products that do not absorb well or do not contain enough of the active ingredient to be of benefit. What might seem like a great deal could turn out to be of limited value! Some supplements could even be harmful to your health—some fish oil supplements, for example, contain high levels of mercury.

To ensure that your supplement program is providing your body with the right nutrients and vitamins, please discuss your needs with our knowledgeable practitioners who have advanced training in nutrition, functional medicine, and age-management medicine.

Why Do We Need Supplements

Simply put, with engineered genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) as our predominate food source, our diets no longer provide us with all the vitamins and nutrients we need.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Eating out makes it hard to be careful with our diet
  • Certain health issues can affect nutrient absorption
  • Depleted soil is less nutritious
  • Many foods are now heavily processed and contain less than optimal nutrition
  • Stress reduces our ability to absorb nutrients

At New Vitality Medical, our physicians help you achieve optimal health and function. We believe that the proper use of nutritional supplements, along with a healthy diet, is an important part of your overall wellness plan.

Personalized Nutrition

We are all biochemically unique, meaning we all have different and unique nutritional needs.

There are a number of valuable diagnostic tests that can give us a more in-depth look at how your body works. With these tests, we can better assess your nutritional and metabolic deficiencies; we pay close attention to your overall hormone balance, and even evaluate your stress level. Our experienced practitioners use this information to customize a nutrition plan and supplement program that is personalized and uniquely for only you.